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supresión fondo, colores, fibras vidrio y plástico,
aplicaciones críticas y todo a alta velocidad.
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Markeye® Pro

The MARKEYE® PRO Colormark™ sensor is designed and
optimized for detection of printed registration marks on a
continuous web at high-speeds.

MARKEYE® PRO delivers high-resolution performance by
utilizing the broadband characteristics of a white light LED for
detecting the greatest variety of color combinations on any color

Setup could not be easier with the "One-Touch" AUTOSET™.
Simply put the background in view; and press the black button if
the background is darker than the registration mark or press the
white button if the background is lighter than the registration mark.

Features and benefits include:

See the greatest variety of colors combinations on any color
High immunity to ambient light, including strobes and indirect
5 LED Contrast/status Indicator
"One-Touch" AUTOSET™ pushbutton setup
Lens and Fiberoptic light guide options
LECTOR DE MARCAS  de registro
Colormark registration detection on transparent and translucent,
including many metalized films and paper
Single, one pushbutton setup
Selectable Pulse Stretcher
White LED Light Source
Mark•Eye® is a registration mark sensor designed to see
printed registration marks on most packaging materials on a
continuous web. The “one-touch” set-up enables the sensor to be
adjusted with a single push of a button. There is no more guess
work, making the operator’s adjustment procedure easy!

Mark•Eye® utilizes a white LED light source that is optimized
to detect printed registration marks on translucent, transparent,
and many metalized films and paper. This sensor is particularly
useful on form, fill, and seal machines. Note that most packaging
materials (except foil) are translucent! Many of the translucent
packaging materials that we have tested allow light to penetrate
either the backing material or the registration mark. Because this
sensor operates in the opacity sensing mode, the color of the
registration mark simply doesn’t matter!
Note: Marks as small as 1/16” wide by 1/4” long can be detected,
dependent upon web opacity (contrast) and velocity
Miniature Push-Button Photoelectric Sensor

EZ-Eye™ miniature photoelectric sensors offer a very affordable one-button
solution that is EZ to align and EZ to adjust. Optimized for a variety of automated
machine control applications, the setup is simple using our unique one-touch
Autoset™ routine. Place the sensor in the Light State condition and press the
button once for a perfect setting.

Whether your task requires detection of large objects or small parts, the
family offers universal functionality via Infrared or Visible Red light source and
interchangeable optical blocks: Diffuse, Retroreflective, Polarized Retroreflective,
Convergent, Fiberoptic (Glass or Plastic)

Features Include:
EZ to adjust AUTOSET™ routine requires just a single push of one button
EZ to align FLASH RATE INDICATOR monitors received light intensity
EZ to select a higher excess gain
Simply TAP the single button twice to boost the excess gain (sensitivity)
Nano (M8) 4-pin receptacle or 6 ft. factory assembled cord
EZ to select sensing mode
Choose from ten completely interchangeable optical blocks
EZ-EYE™ sensors have both NPN and PNP output transistors
Power supply requirements: 10 to 24 VDC
Pulse modulated light source is immune to most ambient light
Smarteye® RetroSmart
High Performance Clear Object Sensor

RetroSmart™ retro-reflective sensor is optimized to detect
translucent/transparent containers and shiny objects. You can depend on the
RetroSmart™ sensor's ability to reliably sense any object, regardless of the size or
shape, from the leading edge to the trailing edge without false signals. This is
required when the sensing task involves monitoring a conveyor line for jam detection.
The sensor's narrow, red light beam assures accuracy in detecting the leading edge
of any product to trigger the response, such as filling, capping, labeling, and coding.

™ retroreflective sensor will provide a single, non-chattering output for each ™
retroreflective sensor will provide a single, non-chattering output for each
transparent container that passes by, independent of size, shape, empty, or full.
each transparent container that passes by, independent of size, shape, empty, or full.

Imagine... just point the
RetroSmart™ sensor's narrow, red light beam at the
reflector and push the AUTOSET™ button one time. Now sit back and watch the
sensor flawlessly detect any size PET bottle filled with water without worry about burn-
through or double signals. When the efficiency of an entire production line depends
on the performance of a photoelectric sensor, the
RetroSmart™ is the smart choice.
Smarteye® DCS
"The Perfect Sensor For The Imperfect World"

Many of today's photoelectric sensors are equipped with limited features that are both
confusing and difficult to control. The operator can find it difficult to implement even a
simple set-up procedure or monitor the diagnostic indicators. By combining the power
of the computer with the
Smarteye® DCS™ sensor, set-up procedures are simplified,
performance options are easily configured, and the operator is provided a unique
graphic display.

Solving Your Sensing Problems:

Configurable Performance Options
Icons Simplify Set-Up
Multiple Timer Options
Unlimited Product Memory Settings
Tamper Proof
Graphical Performance Monitor

Because the
Smarteye® DCS™ offers so many features and benefits, it would be
easy to assume that the machine operator would have a difficult time adjusting the
sensor. Well the opposite is true. While viewing a simple easy-to-use graphic display,
all that's required is for the operator to point and click on the specific icon depicting
the sensing mode in use, i.e., beam-make (proximity) or beam-break (retroreflective or

From Your Control Display Screen, You Can...
  Adjust, Configure, and Monitor the Sensor
Smarteye® Mark III
Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

SMARTEYE Mark III is the "first" high performance photoelectric sensor in a
miniature size that you can use anywhere for any task...including your toughest
industrial sensing applications. The Mark III is loaded with features and benefits, never
before offered in a miniature sensor, including extremely high gain to enable the
sensor to resolve the most difficult low contrast sensing tasks and high speed of
response (50 microseconds) to provide resolution of the exact position of objects
traveling at high speeds.

Features include:
Offset/EDR Adjustment
10-LED Contrast Indicator
Quick-Change Optical Block Lenses
4 LED Light Source Colors (IR, Red, Blue and White)

  Miniature performance, what else needs to be said!
Smarteye® High Intensity
Super Bright IR Light Penetrates Containers

SMARTEYE Light Sources and Receivers were specifically designed to perform beam
break or thru-beam sensing tasks where the material or container is dense, where the
lens is subject to contamination build-up, or for long range sensing in harsh
environments. Standard models include dual light sources. A
super high intensity
model with
10 LEDs is also available to penetrate containers for content verification.

Their unique high intensity, dual-LED design provides twice the useable light energy as
compared to single beam sensor designs.

Features Include:
Contrast Indicator allows easy set-up for optimum performance and displays actual
performance during operation.
Pulse modulated for high immunity to ambient light
Complementary NPN or PNP output transistors
800 microseconds... beam make or beam break.
Din-Rail Mountable Sensor

OPTI-EYE Photoelectric Sensors are miniature in size, high in performance, and versatile
when applied to tough industrial sensing tasks. This sensor provides a combination of high
gain and high speed of response (500 microseconds). High gain enables the sensor to
resolve low contrast sensing tasks. High speed response provides resolution of the exact
position of objects traveling at high speed.

Features Include:
Choice of nine "quick-change" optical blocks
Available with red or infrared light sources
Built-in cable connector or attached cables
Mounting options : DIN rail, though-hole or bracket
Range adjustment with three LED indicators for easy
setup and monitoring

                Versitility in a Small Package!
Smarteye® Pro
"Self-Adjusting Sensor"

Smarteye® Pro is an automatic event-driven, self-adjusting photoelectric sensor
that compensates for deteriorating changes during operation. These changes include
dirty lenses or reflectors, broken fiber optics, light source drift, and target variations in
positions, orientation and color. The Smarteye® Pro is adjusted to its target by a single
push of the AUTOSET button in either the static or dynamic operating condition.

Features Include:
5-LED diagnostic Contrast Indicator
Action Alert System.
ACT™: Automatic Contrast Tracking.
QuickSet: A simple and easy two-step setup routine.
AUTOSET: A one button, one-push adjustment.
AGS Automatic Gain Select: Automatic adjustment of
amplifier gain for optimum performance.
Smarteye® Mark II
"Enhanced Dynamic Range"

Smarteye® Mark II sets the standard in photoelectric sensing. With its unique EDR
circuit, it is capable of performing sensing tasks most other sensor can't accomplish. It
provides extended operating ranges, enhanced background suppression, the elimination
of saturation problems.

Features include
Built-in connectors
Waterproof housing
Both NPN and PNP outputs
50 microsecond response times
Light/Dark operate switch
Unique 10-LED Contrast Indicator
10 intergangible optical block for all sensing modes.

 The sensor that revolutionized the sensor world!
Contrast Indicator for Precision Set-Up

Please Consider: Smarteye® EZ-PRO™

SMARTEYE Photoelectric Sensors feature our unique Contrast Indicator that provides for
precision set-up and performance verification no matter how minute the light-to-dark
contrast. This unique line set a new standard of accuracy in photoelectric sensing of size,
texture, distance, opacity, depth and even color.

Features Include:
Digital or analog outputs
High-speed, high-gain or very-high speed response
Red, green, infrared, or high intensity infrared LED light sources
Interchangeable optical blocks
NPN or PNP output transistors
Digital switching and analog DC proportional models.

                    The Original SMARTEYE®
Miniature Sensors

MITY-EYE Miniature Photoelectric Sensors provide features and benefits of large,
expensive sensors... at an affordable price. Interchangeable solid "optical grade" high
impact lenses available for polarized, retroreflective, proximity, fiber-optic, or convergent
sensing applications.

Features include
AC or DC-powered models
High speed of response
Very high immunity to electrical noise and interference
Rugged, watertight, expoxy encapsulated case
Sensitivity adjustment and light/dark switch
Selector switch to determine output status
Selection of Red, Infrared, or High Intensity Light Sources
Optional quick-change connector available

Big on Features, Low on Price
Our Smallest and Most Economical Sensor

TINY•EYE Miniature Photoelectric High Speed Sensors fill the need for a standard "low
cost" miniature DC-powered sensor with the flexibility to perform a multitude of industrial
sensing tasks. "Quick-change" optical block lenses allow the sensor to be used for
proximity, convergent, retroreflective, polorized retroreflective and fiber optic sensing. A
light source/receiver combination is available for opposed sensing.

Features include
High speed of response
Ranges up to 18" proximity, 20' retroreflective, 25' thru-beam
Pulse modulated
Reverse polarity protected
Both NPN and PNP outputs
Red or infrared light source
12 interchangable optical blocks

Miniature High Speed Photoelectric Sensors
Smarteye® ColorMark II
Specially Designed for ColorMark Sensing

SMARTEYE ColorMark II sets the standard in registration mark sensing. With its EDR
circuit combined with unique color perception, it is able to meet the demands for precision
registration control on today's higher speed packaging machinery. It provides extended
operating ranges, enhanced background suppression and the elimination of saturation

Features Include:
Built-in connectors
Waterproof housing
Both NPN and PNP outputs
50 microsecond response times
Interchangeable optical blocks
Light/Dark operate switch
Unique 10-LED Contrast Indicator
Models for all sensing modes

       The Standard in Registration Mark Sensing!
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